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Sydney Harbour Forts

Made for the Navy Exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

These dioramas depict the fortifications around Sydney Harbour during the 1850's.
For many or the models all I had was a word description or sketch and commom sense. At 1:250 scale, these displays took 3 weeks to complete and were ready on time for the opening of the exhibition.

Fortifications made:

  • Dawes Point - Formally located at the southern end of the Harbour Bridge.
  • Fort Dennison - A well known part of Sydney Harbour.
  • Fort Macquarie - Located where the Sydney Opera House is now.
  • Mrs Macquarie Point - Former fortification near Mrs Macquarie's Chair.
  • Fort Philip - Located on Windmill Hill where the Observatory is now.

Did you know:
Fort Philip was originally designed to prevent insurrections in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Forts 1850

Sydney Harbour Forts 1850

  • Scale: 1:250th
  • Client: ANMM
  • Time to complete: 3 weeks