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Made for the Australian National Maritime Museum for the Navy Exhibition.

She was a 6,830 ton modified Leander class cruiser with an illustrious battle record. After engagements in the Mediterranean during 1940 when she famously sank the Italian battle cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni, Sydney returned to Australian waters and in late 1941 was carrying out troop ship escort duties between Australia and SE Asia.
On the 19th of November 1941, after handing over escort of the troop ship Zealandia in the Sunda Strait, Sydney was en route back to port in Fremantle. She spotted an unidentified merchant vessel and closed requesting identification. The HSK Kormoran, a disguised German raider, eventually opened fire and a battle ensued from which neither ship survived.

This display model was hand planked and the detail and was meticulously reproduced using original photo taken from the time. Scale 1:96 scale.
The display model is shown in the original camouflage markings depicting the last time the ship was seen in Sydney harbor.

Did you know:
The wreck of the HMAS Sydney was found by the Finding Sydney Foundation on 16th March 2008 at 26° 14’ 37” S 111° 13’ 03” E



  • Scale: 1:96th
  • Client: ANMM
  • Time to complete: 2.5 months