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Commissioned by Thales Australia, these models show the latest projects undetaken by the company.

The FFG cutaway model was made to show the extensive upgrade program then being undertaken on this class of ship for the Australian Navy. The cut-away line along a third of the hull shows full internal and external detail at 1:72nd scale. Extensive co-operation was needed between myself and Thales to guarantee accuracy and desired effect.
This model was shown at exhibitions all arounds the world

Phase 1A Amphibious Watercraft Project 'PORTER AB2000'
This model took 1 month to complete and had working doors both fore and aft. It was displayed at major worldwide exhibitions including "Pacific 06".

Did you know:
The level of detail was especially high and accurate. The cutaway line intersected a toilet so it was made..... plus half a role of toilet paper as well!

FFG HMS Sydney

FFG HMS Sydney:

  • Scale: 1:72nd
  • Client: Thales
  • Time to complete: 3.5 months