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AE1 & AE2 Submarine

I was approached by AE2 Commemorative Foundation and Electric pictures, whom had been given the project to film the expedition that would dive on the wreck of the AE2 during September 07.
Electric pictures wanted a display model that could be handled during interviews and also to be filmed for CGI animation for their TV documentary on the Investigation.

The second model was for the AE2 Commemorative Foundation to be donated to the Australian War Memorial and one was presented to Canakkale Naval Museum in Turkey, unveiled by Australian Chief of Navy and Turkey Northern Sea Area Commander in 24.04.2010

The display model is 1:72 scale and is 750mm long and took a month to complete. It was made in the dive and surface configurations.

The model of the AE1 Submarine is possibly the most detailed model ever made. Being the AE2 sister ship and having received the same upgrades they are very similar to each other. This model was made for a private collector. Click Here to review his on going investigation into the disappearance of the AE1.

AE2 Submarine

AE2 Submarine:

  • Scale: 1:72nd
  • Client: AE2 Foundation
  • Time to complete: 1 months