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Huey UH-1 B/H

Made for the Vietnam exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
No. 9 Squadron, RAAF was the only unit in Vietnam that made regular use of the UH-1H gunship. The UH-1H is called the A2. They performed the same suite of missions as US helicopters with 'slicks' used to insert troops and SAS long range recon units. Others were used for dustoff and the Bushrangers did the gunship chores.

This finely detailed Australian 'Bushranger' version was made at 1:35 scale

Did you know:
In 1969 four of No. 9 Squadron's helicopters were converted to gunships called Bushrangers, armed with two fixed forward firing M134 7.62 mm minigun and a 7 round rocket pod on each side. Aircrew were armed with twin M60 flexible mounts in each door.

Huey UH-1 B/H

Huey UH-1 B/H:

  • Scale: 1:35th Scale
  • Client: ANMM
  • Time to complete: 2 weeks