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Bushmaster Armored Vehicle models

The Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle or Infantry Mobility Vehicle is an Australian-built wheeled armored vehicle and is built by Thales Australia in Bendigo. The Bushmaster is currently in service with the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Netherlands Army and British Army. The role of the Bushmaster is to provide armored transport, with infantry dismounting from the vehicle before going into action. The Bushmaster is optimized for operations in northern Australia, and is capable of carrying up to 9 soldiers and their equipment, fuel and supplies for 3 days, depending on the type of variant. Troop variant: Flat bed variants, Command variant, Assault Pioneer variant, Mortar variant, Direct Fire Weapons variant, Ambulance variant. The display models where made at 1:14 scale and shows the detail that can be achieved at larger scales. They have been shown all around the world to advertise this unsung Australian Success.

Did you know: 'Specifications'.
Weight - 12.4 tonnes, Length - 7.18 m, Width - 2.48 m, Height - 2.65 m
Crew - 1 (plus up to 9 passengers), Armor - Monocoque hull.
Engine - Caterpillar 3126E engine, 330 hp (246 kW), range - 800 km, Speed - Over 100 km/h



  • Scale: 1:14th Scale
  • Client: Thales
  • Time to complete: