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Yogo advert stage set models

The Yogo advert, created and directed by Nick Donkin of Flying Gherkin in Sydney, is a fully animated story designed for TV and cinema viewing (one and a half minutes long, in two parts). As team leader, I had to organise and build many of the props and sets and liaise with the Director.

One of the problems experianced was that the sets had to be accessable to lighting and the film team. So the models needed to be 'pull apartable'.



Did you know:
Stop, start animation means that there has to be slight adjustment in the movement of the puppets to create the illusion of movement. With 25 individual frames per second, this means that there needs to be 25 individual movements of the puppet for 1 second of movie footage.
On a good day he was able to produce a whole 15 seconds of footage.

Yogo Advert

Moulin Rouge:

  • Scale: 1:5th Scale
  • Client: Flying Gherkin
  • Time to complete: 3 months.