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Peppers Ghost stage set models

These unique displays allow the interaction of actors and props with miniature sets giving an almost holographic effect. First used during the late 19th century in London, a showman named Pepper used a stage with a transparent window at an angle to the audience to display ghostly reflections of off-stage actors. So actors on stage behind the transparent window could walk through ghostly images which could appear and disappear to produce unexpected effects. The image opposite explains the proccess used.

All of the film sets made have to follow strict guide lines otherwise the peppers ghost effect will not work.

To see more go to Shirley Spectra Australia.

Did you know:
the biggest peppers ghost stage in the southern hemisphere was built for Sky Tour below Sydney Tower.

Peppers Ghost

Peppers Ghost:

  • Scale: all different
  • Client: The Shirley Spectra Australia Pty Ltd
  • Time to complete: up to 2 months.