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Chicken Run Stage set models

The Chicken Run, directed by Nick Park and Peter Lord, is a claymation adventure by Aardman Animations. Set during the 1950's on a chicken farm in the middle of the English countryside. It follows the adventures of 'Ginger' and 'Rocky', two chickens trying to free all the other chickens from the farm.

I produced many of the background props, but my main activity was to make the 'Pie Machine', a central set of the story. Together with four other model makers we created a huge animated model.

Each scene in the movie had a set all to it's self, so directors could reshoot the scene if needed.
This called for allot of chicken coops and fences to be made. All items in the film where made many times because of this.

Did you know:
Due to a mix up, the red tractor shown in the images section was suposed to be blue, the team making the mechanical bird featured at the end of the movie, liked it so much, they made it part of the bird.

Chicken Run

Model Title:

  • Scale: 1:5th Scale
  • Client: Aardman Animations
  • Time to complete: over 1 Year.